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1.) Accounting Information System design and installation Services

  1. Accounting System Design And Maintenance
  2. Financial Statement Preparation And Presentation

Training description: Accounting is essential for proper management of any organisation. It is primarily all about providing information for users for decision making. It is reasonably expected that an accountant should be able to set up procedure that will enable an organization to gather, record, analyse and communicate financial information to internal and external users. This training intends to equip trainee with the necessary skills for running the accounting functions of the organisation in a near practical environment designed to take trainee through the step-by-step procedure of performing each accounting task.Learning outcome will includes

  • Set up accounting system for organisation, including it's documentation in the form of manual.
  • Operate an IT based accounting processing software such as Sage.
  • Assess the organisation periodic information needs and provide such information in a timely manner to both management and external party.
  • Implement controls necessary to ensure efficient running of the system and safeguard the company assets.

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2.) Audit And Investigation

  1. Risks assessment And Internal Control designing, installation and monitoring
  2. Statutory audit of financial statements
  3. Basic fraud investigation

Training description: Every activities, and financial function in particular, within an organisation have associated risk; the possibility that things might goes wrong than expected. Accountants are naturally risk officer expected to be equipped with financial and non-financial skills that can be apply to improve business performance, and identify measures that are likely to affect business finance, recommend appropriate actions to mitigate risk.
Audit play a very important role in business by continually assuring the manager that all is well or report what is wrong, with recommendation. No matter the controls that are put in place to ensure compliance with the rules, there is always the need for an independent person to monitor and check if actual outcome is in line with the intended controls. Audit is not just about whether something is done, it's also about whether it is done according to the rules. Whatever have rules, regulation, procedure, process etc can be audited.

Learning outcome will includes;
  • Perform procedure involved in carrying out risk assessment in any activity and documents such risk, especially risk which is capable of affecting the financial numbers.
  • Be able to implement basic practical measure to mitigate, eliminate, reduce, manage, transfer risk and it's likely effects on the financial numbers.
  • Be able to carry out Internal Control System (ICS) implementation, testing, documentation, monitoring, review etc.
  • Performs practical procedure involved in carrying out non-financial audit and their applicable rules.
  • Be able to draw up audit plan, audit program, audit checklist and other audit tools.
  • Be able to implement financial statement audit procedure from engagement to audit finalisation and reporting.
  • Have practical knowledge of financial investigative procedure and reporting.
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3.) Taxation Compliance And Advisory

  1. Tax Compliance And Advisory services, including registration, computation, filing and certificate processing
  2. Tax Audit Defence And Reconciliation

Training description: Tax related issues are gradually becoming dynamic and complex and could negatively affect Nigerian taxpayers if not properly manage. Whether it is various compliance or defence, knowledge of key tax law, revenue agencies practices and procedure are necessary skills for accountant, not just to comply but also to deal with the emerging risk associated with taxation of businesses and individuals.

Learning outcome will includes;
  • Understands the practical procedure involved in complying with the relevant tax laws; registration, computation, filing of return, remittance or payment and recording, including the tax accounting practices.
  • Understands the practical tax administrative procedure of the relevant tax agencies, including administrative assessment, review, objection and reconciliation.
  • Be able to carry out business scenario review necessarily to draw up effective tax plan and it's documentation
  • Be able to carry out tax audit and tax audit defence, including attendance at reconciliation meeting and Tax Appeal Tribunal (TAT)..

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